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Перевод: ardently

горячо; пылко; страстно


  1. It is a yearning for Palestine which permeates the whole refugee community and is most ardently espoused by the younger refugees, for whom home exists only in the imagination.
  2. The rationale for the move, which was ardently opposed by the NIH's management, was that arthritis was a victim of budgetary neglect - getting less than 70 million clearly identifiable dollars out of the NIH's 4000 million mission for the year.
  3. It was a splendid opportunity for Douglas Hurd to recall those long-lost Victorian values which the Thatcherite brand of Conservatives so ardently wished to revive.
  4. While Shatov expounds and disputes ardently, and incidentally takes a lot of good- and God-focused material off the shoulders of the notebook Stavrogin (""Shatov must be tied up before you can argue with him, '" Stepan Verkhovensky sometimes joked'), only to Kirillov can it be said and is it said, "you haven't swallowed an idea, but an idea has swallowed you" - to which he responds delightedly with "That's good.
  5. But Kuzmitch alleged that Blake told him nothing about his work for MI6 nor did he give any indication that he was ardently pro-Communist.
  6. Mr Major believes that the question of Scottish and Welsh devolution, to which he is ardently opposed, is crucial.
  7. But it is like the first scenario in this: both kinds of eroticism are specific to male bonding, both occur within and against the very situations in which heterosexuality is most ardently pursued, and both are in part the consequence of heterosexual ardour.
  8. The more ardently they love liberty, the more perfect will be their obedience.
  9. While Liberty is out in the garden ardently investigating nature, Lex is on her back in front of the fire dreaming of motherhood.
  10. Longing was the key: "I long to hold some lady," a longing that was inexhaustible, tumultuous and yet ardently romantic.
  11. SIR - Britain leads the world in recognising that mammals with brains as large and complex as ours are entitled to the freedom we humans so ardently strive for.
  12. It was unfortunate, perhaps, that Thomson should have written so ardently of the love he felt for Phoebe Kirkwood, his pupil, when he was eighteen years old and Phoebe only twelve.
  13. He was as little at home in the country as in town; he believed ardently in social freedom but its ambiguities made him equally ill at ease with all classes.

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