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Перевод: ardour

страсть ; пыл ; рвение; энтузиазм ; азарт ; задор ; пламенность ; жар ; зной


  1. His "ardour for his books of chivalry" ( OMF iii 5) is described in Cervantes' first chapter: "so great was his curiosity and infatuation in this regard that he even sold many acres of tillable land in order to be able to buy and read the books that he loved, and he would carry home with him as many of them as he could obtain."
  2. Although America's electronics industries are keen for the government to renew the parts of this agreement that call for the Japanese to buy more American chips, their ardour for price-fixing has cooled.
  3. Unfortunately, as he reached the critical moment when the knees start to tremble, his war wounded leg had collapsed under him, causing a premature withdrawal and an immediate loss of ardour as his bare bottom came into contact with the mud and water of the cinema bike park.
  4. She is an unusual mixture of frankness, charm and beauty; assets which would lead Gedge to believe their relationship would transcend the ardour of youth and become increasingly secure.
  5. Evening is consummated with a display of ardour which surprises both parties.
  6. He had first come to this house in a blaze of romantic ardour and passion.
  7. Fielding's Joseph Andrews is another work which focuses on the hardships of the servant's life, albeit with less moral ardour than Richardson's novel.
  8. those who met him were exhilarated by his ardour, his generosity and his receptiveness.
  9. Having read Schiller, Conrad and Bakunin by the age of 12, he is now moved to join the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) terrorists, but finds his ideological ardour diverted when he meets Elena Silves, a bewitching girl of 17 and a devout Catholic.
  10. While the baritone Gregory Yurisich's superbly sung Tell was a commanding figure, wholly believable as the focus of patriotic Swiss revolt against the Austrian oppressor, the American tenor Chris Merritt as Arnold and the soprano Jane Eaglen as Princess Mathilde never for a moment suggested romantic ardour.
  11. The principal difficulty is that it is quite clear that the texts of the classical jurists have not been left as they were written; and since it is clear that Justinian was keen on enforcement in all circumstances, it is hard to decide whether we should take all reference to it to be a product of his ardour, or the more extreme cases of public interest to be acceptable classical examples.
  12. I prayed for the ardour of the fruit tree, the passive rapture of the long grasses, the patient infinite receptivity of the stone walls that also pulsed and shivered with love of the Light."
  13. In the long opening mime section Bocca's graceful arrogance was eloquently coupled to the desperate impatience to meet Nikiya (Viviana Durante), and once dancing with her the two qualities sparked into a heady ardour.

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