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  1. To aid the student, particularly important concepts or definitions are enclosed in boxes, questions (without answers) are given at the end of each chapter, and there are lists of sources of further reading.
  2. You are no longer thinking about it because you are it.
  3. Earnings are always taken net of tax and national insurance.
  4. Much of the legislation harks back to the time when individuals were less readily identifiable than they are nowadays and so protection was necessary to ensure that foul play was not involved.
  5. "There are a lot of thieving buggers up here, sergeant.
  6. Some are but most aren't.
  7. If you want to explore further, in most cities there are plenty of guided bus tours that will take you to places of special interest outside their limits.
  8. And how are you ever going to afford to get us away from dripping cat-piss and being on top of each other ?"
  9. The basic argument is that the more adolescents are supervised by their parents and, perhaps, their teachers, the less likely they are to become involved with or influenced by delinquent contemporaries and delinquent values.
  10. No areas or shapes are true to scale.
  11. Moreover, some senior research directors are particularly chagrined by credits which are frozen as soon as they are granted.
  12. Most of the people here are quite old and have been really through it.
  13. Of course there are times when this is not possible for practical reasons, but the more you are able to stay in tune with your body, the better you will feel.

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