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Перевод: area speek area

площадь ; пространство; свободное пространство; район ; край ; ареал ; область ; сфера ; участок ; ограниченное поле; зона ; поверхность ; дворик ниже уровня улицы; приямок перед входом и окнами полуподвала; размах


  1. It turned out to be one of The Goodies , who were making a comedy programme for their series in the area.
  2. The hair that frames your face (hairline) and the top section of the head (crown) are two areas John Frieda designates as Crucial Zones because these form the entire surface area of the style.
  3. The fearsome riots that swept the inner cities in 1981, in Brixton first, then Toxteth and Hansworth, Moss Side and Bristol, came as no surprise, and convinced Charles that this was the area where he could be of some use.
  4. The local creamery refused to accept milk from the area as dust was floating in it.
  5. Kilbrandon said these lay people would form a panel within each local authority area.
  6. Bar service to pool area; lounge and bar; bar snacks available.
  7. A constant water supply cannot be guaranteed in sandy or rocky soils in a low-rainfall area.
  8. Jo loathed her blobby nose, her receding chin, her long body, her short legs, her droopy ass, her fat thighs, her white skin that absolutely refused to tan and her brown hair which frizzed and which her mother wouldn't even let her frost; she accepted that she would never look like Faye Dunaway, never be a Prom Queen and that most of her body was a total disaster area, but she knew with absolute certainty that she had great tits.
  9. The discussion is more neutral only in so far as it is assumed that the curriculum (such a global phenomenon) is no-one's responsibility in particular, and clearly this is so in an individual sense - but it is however the responsibility of the profession to take a leading role in this area and at the moment it is not fulfilling this role.
  10. In the Bristol area, Willses have given donations to Clifton College (where many of them were educated) and have also successfully launched an educational experiment at Rendcomb College in Gloucestershire.
  11. In each area Cole and Marion recorded a range of soil and vegetation characteristics from both recreational and undisturbed control sites.
  12. In no area of life is choice restricted.
  13. And so 8 Group came into being, with selected Pathfinder crews carrying special coloured flares, or Target Indicators, to drop over the target area and show the following main force bomber crews where to unload their bombs.

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