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Перевод: argent speek argent

серебряный; серебристый;
серебро; белизна ; серебристость


  1. The framework reared up once again, to display him: a body webbed with argent tracery clutched within a thin unyielding skeleton of steel.
  2. Finally there are "augmentations of office", such as the escutcheon borne by the Kingsley family, sometime hereditary foresters of Delamere in Cheshire - argent a bugle stringed sable - and the "augmentations" allowed to bishops and other dignitaries of dimidiating their personal arms with those of their office.
  3. The gentlemen of this hereditary (non-peerage) rank, of the creations of England, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, are permitted a canton (or an escutcheon) showing the "bloody hand of Ulster" - argent a sinister hand couped at the wrist gules .
  4. Strangely enough, we actually opened for Argent back in 1974 on one of our first big tours in America, and were promptly thrown off the tour for behaving like rude Americans which all Americans are anyway.
  5. Gentlemen who were early baronets of Scotland were authorised to charge their arms with a canton (or escutcheon) carrying the arms of the province of Nova Scotia - argent on a saltire azure an escutcheon of the Royal Amis of Scotland .
  6. Its main elements are our own Fran Breen's drums, James Hooker's touch and song-sensitive piano and a few keyboard washes from co-producer, Rod Argent with her own and Byrd Burton's guitars discreetly nudging the dynamics.
  7. The band continues to feature in the charts, too, most recently through their association with the film "Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey", which contained their version of the old Argent hit God Gave Rock And Roll To You , and rode unfashionably high in the currently dance-dominated charts.
  8. It is understood none of the three have been informed there is to be disciplinary hearing but a file is in the hands of Deputy Chief Constable Michael Argent who is in charge of force discipline.
  9. Anyway, we thought it would be suitably ironic and some sort of justice for having been booted off the Argent tour to cover that song, especially as Argent have not existed for a long time.
  10. Name of user: G. Argent
  11. A Manchester family of Magnall, who also had business interests in London, had for many years borne arms without authority, and on 19 February 1765 Thomas Magnall was granted bearings blazoned argent on a mount vert a swepe (or balista) azure - a swepe/balista being a large siege catapult.
  12. so I got together with a couple of blokes from school "Hold Your Head Up" by Argent was in the charts at the time We'd play that again and again and again It was the only bass line I could play properly - because it's so simple, it's exactly the same all the way through.

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