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Перевод: argentine speek argentine

аргентинский; серебряный; серебристый;
аргентинец ; аргентинка


  1. We're lucky, outsiders like me, in that we've got the Franks Report on the origins of the war, which covers the seventeen-year build-up, the era of non-decision-taking almost, which led to the Argentine invasion of 1982.
  2. Effects of soil erosion in every degree of intensity can be found in Latin America, ranging from ravaged mountain slopes of the Andes to incipient dust storms in rangelands of the Argentine Republic.
  3. Scientific correspondents of the UK press expressed surprise rather than incredulity at the Argentine claims.
  4. Indeed there is some evidence that only with the Argentine invasion of the Falklands and the deaths of British servicemen did the "Fortress Falklands" policy emerge.
  5. W. H. Koebel wrote in Argentina Past and Present (1914) that "In no other branch of Argentine industry is the British capitalist so deeply interested as in that of the railways".
  6. He worked for nearly three decades in Hollywood, where his early successes included such musicals as Down Argentine Way (1940), starring Betty Grable and Carmen Miranda, and Orchestra Wives (1942), which featured Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.
  7. Mr Gonzalez abandoned another long-running tradition by which Argentine finance ministers unveil their measures in tedious explanations of elementary economics.
  8. There had been a running buffet in the kitchen and they helped themselves when they were hungry, like gauchos on an Argentine estancia , but meals glued life together for Alan's family and he could be heard intoning, intoning, instructing, instructing in his foggy monotone with never a word in reply, until the children were able to "get down".
  9. This deep interest was amply reflected in the fact that no fewer than a dozen Argentine railway companies were British-owned.
  10. "Until I see the entire Argentine line-up," he said, "how can I possibly know how I shall mark him?"
  11. During the course of 1981 Mrs Thatcher dismissed a number of notable Cabinet dissenters (Stevas, Soames, Gilmour, and Carlisle), Mr Prior was moved to Northern Ireland, and Lord Carrington chose to resign in April 1982 in the wake of the House of Commons' criticism of the Foreign Office policy preceding the Argentine invasion of the Falklands.
  12. Meanwhile, the dispatch of a Foreign Office minister, Ted Rowlands, to Port Stanley to try to persuade the Falklanders of the merits of starting up diplomatic negotiations with the Argentine government, which claimed the islands as their sovereign "Malvinas", had an ominous ring to it.
  13. At Concordia a fine classical station with twin towers marked the headquarters of the Argentine Northern Railway in the Entre Rios province.

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