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Перевод: argillaceous speek argillaceous

глинистый; содержащий глину


  1. Clay An argillaceous compound with plastic characteristics when wet.
  2. However, most of them are argillaceous and have limited porosity and permeability.
  3. Tyrone, up to a few hundred feet of reddish sandstones occur above a basal conglomerate, and are succeeded by a thin development of argillaceous dolomite, the Upper Permian Magnesian Limestone.
  4. It was thought to be nothing more than a shattered argillaceous deposit, produced by repeated submarine landslipping and carrying with it exotic blocks ranging in size from small fragments (plate 4.2) up to whole mountains.
  5. Argillaceous, dark, fine-grained carbonates may also have cryptic fabrics.
  6. Bockelie (1973), also working with cryptic argillaceous limestones, demonstrated how effectively a simpler technique combining light acid etching with photography using orthochromatic film could enhance fabric contrast and reveal burrow patterns.
  7. The upper part of this formation tends to be argillaceous, and the thickest clean sandstones are in the lower section.
  8. Suitable hard argillaceous rocks - mudstones and shales - are found in Wales, Devon, the Lake District and the southern uplands of Scotland, says the report.
  9. At Kings Weston, Avon, white and blue tesserae were of liassic limestone, yellow were of calcareous sandstone, and greed were of argillaceous limestone.
  10. It is often useful, however, to be able to visualize the distribution of clays in a sandstone or argillaceous carbonate, since clays are often related to otherwise obscure fabric in these rocks.

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