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Перевод: argot speek argot

жаргон ; арго


  1. In more and more instruments, the law of one price is free to apply: close financial substitutes are allowed to be swapped for one another, so trading (arbitrage, in the argot) can ensure that they fetch the same price.
  2. Words like "hood", "gang" and "police" were part of the local argot, argot common to all wars, but different.
  3. "Snoopy" in Unix argot was of course the original code name of WABI, SunSelect's imminent Windows-on-Unix entry from its Praxsys Technologies Inc acquisition.
  4. Perhaps not so much a way of life, but what Wittgenstein called a "form of life": small and privatised world-views binding on the group and consisting of accepted social practices, group norms and common languages (by the latter I do not mean natural languages like French or English, but a nomenclature or group argot).
  5. Snoopy in Unix argot was of course the original code name of WABI, SunSelect Inc's imminent Windows-under-Unix entry from its Praxsys Technologies Inc acquisition.
  6. "Don't worry Mr Argot,"
  7. This explains why "camp", the secret argot of homosexuality, is also the lingua franca of theatreland.
  8. Each developed a distinctive dress style, distinctive argot and followed particular kinds of music.
  9. "Jus" don' try to spoil the fun," said Tundrish, slipping into argot.
  10. The focus was on the social relationships in the prison (especially the informal ones), prison culture, argot roles and the "inmate code".
  11. The Christian rejection of polytheism was encapsulated in their argot for heathen cult and myth: "paganismus".
  12. In pretending here to be someone other than himself who keeps murdering people, he does a tremendous job: this is a more than serviceable argot for the age in question and for the wizard in question.
  13. In the argot of CB radio, "six-ten" means to make love.

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