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Перевод: arguable speek arguable

спорный; доказуемый


  1. This is not to say that the position is wrong but only that it is arguable, or in other words, open to conceptual evaluation.
  2. On the other hand, it is arguable that the official UK figures overstate the "true" unemployment problem by including people who are not seriously unemployed.
  3. (It is arguable that life expectancy in 1984 would respond to the prevailing GNP sometime in the past, but we shall ignore that refinement here.)
  4. It is arguable that this interest has intensified under the present Conservative government.
  5. It is arguable that Russia suffered more than her fair share of famine and plague, and her wooden cities were again and again ravaged by fire.
  6. This seems to be an inferior method of identifying the question of the boundaries of permissible conduct, and it is arguable whether this requirement forms part of the criminal law.
  7. It is arguable that the theoretical trappings of semiology have nothing to do with the interpretations of striptease and wrestling.
  8. But it is arguable that the fishing licence money should be treated as a one-off bonanza, since there is no guarantee that it will continue.
  9. The philosophy (with the arguable exception of the Netherlands) is not actually practised anywhere in the world, although the concerns that give rise to it have led to a continuing debate in some western industrialized democracies about ways in which the monopolistic nature of the capitalist press might be usefully modified.
  10. By the time the first sharp feelings of his loss had begun to wear off - it would be very many years before all of it did so, and arguable that it ever did - other voices were beckoning.
  11. As a matter of law, it is arguable that a plaintiff who announces before his case that he will pass on any damages to charity is not entitled to anything except costs if he wins.
  12. These are arguable cases.
  13. It is arguable that there is a spectrum of touchings, ranging from the obviously curative operation, such as the removal of an infected appendix, to the performance of somewhat exotic operations such as silicone breast implants and the removal of "anomalous" sexual apparatus in sex-change surgery, including en route such operations as voluntary sterilization, rhinoplasty, and abortion.

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