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Перевод: argumentation speek argumentation

аргументация ; спор


  1. So, the final stage in Darwin's argumentation concerns how a species meeting those three criteria would eventually arise with prolonged isolation and divergence.
  2. This is extremely puzzling argumentation.
  3. The first stage involved only the opening steps in Darwin's overall argumentation from individual generation to species formation.
  4. The detailed argumentation of this stage involves a knowledge of statistics, but different methods have been developed.
  5. I have mentioned above that, for various reasons, some authorities wish to date Fera pessima to the 1540's - a fact strangely left unmentioned by Dr. Kenneth Elliott, in his notes to this release, who casually dates it "about 1525", but postpones all argumentation for this to an as-yet unpublished article.
  6. Darwin accordingly opened his Notebook B , in July 1837, with an integrated sequence of entries whose twenty-seven pages of argumentation were to match the structure of Lyell's exposition of Lamarck.
  7. Thus in relation to conceptual criteria, research might be criticized on the grounds of inconsistency of reasoning or imprecision of terminology or general intellectual ineptitude, using the standards of argumentation approved by our culture (though not necessarily by others).
  8. Video is a practical book which provides students with real tasks involving the language of perception, observation, opinion, and argumentation.
  9. His argumentation is diminished and made much less coherent through successive drafts of the novel, while the sheer rattle or patter of those smooth large grains which are his discourse gets carefully worked up.
  10. As the conduct in question enters the public arena of moral argumentation, what lies behind it, and so what kind of thing it "really is", changes.
  11. Mr Palumbo's central point is sound, his argumentation less so.
  12. All these developments, in Darwin's comprehensive species propagation argumentation, are reinforced and not rejected in further developments, consummated in mid-September, 1838, in his Notebook D conjectures about sexual and asexual generation, more particularly about sexual buds (or ova) and asexual buds.
  13. Nor is the consecutive argumentation - the theorizing - lost.

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