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Перевод: aridity speek aridity

сухость ; засушливость ; сушь ; бесплодность


  1. It adds a scent to the landscape and softens the aridity and intenseness that might otherwise prevail.
  2. The big glass tells the story of the aridity of art , he wrote, of the lies of art , of the machine without the fuel to make it move .
  3. After the thirst and aridity and inexpressible exhaustions of the desert, the Arab dreams of the oasis as a paradise, and he strives to embody his dreams in a garden of palms and fountains and airy walks and fragrance and fruit.
  4. But he could equally well have said one is enthusiasm and the other is cynicism, one is facility and the other is aridity, one is gregariousness and the other is solitude, one is the belief that no one has ever done anything of value before and the other is the belief that everything has already been done, one is spontaneity and the other is cerebration, one is joy and the other is despair, one is heart and the other is mind, one is the garret and the other is the penthouse, one is sincerity and the other is irony, one is Jung and the other is Freud, one is Rimbaud and the other is Mallarm, one is wine and the other is coffee, one is rags and the other is riches, one is women and the other is celibacy, one is health and the other is disease, one is meat and the other is vegetables, one is life and the other is death, one is everything in upper case and the other is everything in lower case, one is everything in roman and the other is everything in italics.
  5. The former, large troops of 40 or more animals, occur in the more wooded and fertile parts of the savannah with less seasonal aridity than the more arid "Sahel" regions.
  6. One need not partake of overly sentimental or nostalgic views about academic freedom and communities of scholars to recognise that open doors and free and easy communication - face to face and in print - are the fundamental difference between the aridity of Soviet science and the fabulous productivity of American science.
  7. Already in 1926 ( The New Republic , 30 June) Tate was obliged - faced with the aridity in diction and imagery of "The Hollow Men" - to concede that "It is possible that he has nothing more to say in poetry".
  8. The animals and plants that live in the deserts are all adapted to cope with extreme heat and extreme aridity, and also with discontinuity.
  9. Christmas time, when party-giving is on the whole overdone, may make the social aridity of the rest of the year seem almost attractive, but this exhausting seasonal overswill also points up the ordinary isolation that obtains for most of us nowadays.
  10. The big glass as icon of aridity, he wrote, and Goldberg, in the margin, BG icon of aridity .
  11. It pushes back, to a disconcertingly early period in Pound's life, the first signs of that aridity, that closing of the doors of perception, which - drastically arrested and reversed though it was, at Pisa and through the first years at St Elizabeth's - reasserted itself and wreaked the desolation of Thrones .
  12. The plot has an almost geometric neatness, but is saved from aridity by Yorke's sense of humour and excellent use of detail.

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