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  1. By one of the great ironic twists, the club's claims to aristocracy hinged on the moods of a working-class roadsweeper from Glasgow.
  2. All he claims to have demonstrated is the necessity for some absolute sovereign power or other; according to his theory, this could as easily be a democracy or an aristocracy as a monarchy.
  3. His speech, like the quotation from Schumacher, divides naturally into three parts - Englishmen, whether of the aristocracy like Salisbury or naturalised Germans like Schumacher, have never recovered from their early exposure to a classical education and an affaire with Gaul which, as every school boy knows, was divided into three parts.
  4. The region of Conques suffered especially at this time from the breakdown of public authority and the rise of an aristocracy exercising local power from newly built castles.
  5. The aristocracy had long chosen to immure its dead in church vaults or specially constructed mausoleums, and this practice reached its peak in the royal mausoleum at Frogmore, built by Victoria after the death of Albert.
  6. The club and its supporters saw themselves as part of the mythical "aristocracy" of football but Macari insisted they were out of touch with modern football and embarked on a mission to toughen the team and its image.
  7. Others identify the labour aristocracy as workers who have high earnings because they are employed by multinationals or foreign firms which, as Roxborough points out, is closest to Lenin's original meaning (Roxborough 1979).
  8. He enjoyed success with the aristocracy, was commissioned by the King's Physician to paint some two hundred rare plants and turned to tutoring in the London Season.
  9. David Cannadine, author of The Decline And Fall Of The British Aristocracy , claimed last week that the monarchy is "fundamentally out of step with the mood and realities of the Nineties".
  10. On their return to Vienna they appeared before the Emperor who failed to reward them, and Leopold became convinced that members of the aristocracy were deliberately avoiding Mozart so that they could dismiss his talents as
  11. By the 1920s, in the twilight of the aristocracy, instead of respect switching to industrialists, deference was accorded to the professions.
  12. The pair basked in a shared arrogance; arrogance aimed not at the kid in the street but arrogance aimed at Britain's pop aristocracy.
  13. One daughter was triumphantly married into the Scottish aristocracy and the family thus connected through succeeding generations to the net of blood ties which included both the Fairleys and the house of Mountbatten-Windsor.

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