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  1. She could be married abroad, in which case her kingdom was likely to become subordinate; or she could be married into a native aristocratic house, which would inevitably provoke rivalry, jealousy and faction.
  2. For all his organisational and business efficiency, he was a man of immense personal charm and dignity: "Well-dressed, aristocratic, calm, and with a ready and reassuring smile," it was said.
  3. The plot centres around an aristocratic sportsman who in turn becomes the subject of a manhunt: he is alone against the world, but we are with him through every breathless paragraph.
  4. This misplaced sycophancy is compounded by a mass of aristocratic name dropping.
  5. Their dancing was highly dignified and best suited to aristocratic roles or, as he was to say later (1810), "those of noble birth, the only appropriate heroes and heroines fur ballets staged at the Paris Opera".
  6. More than ever before, this was a war in which one side was strongly supported by the mass of the population at large, sufficiently so for the New Model Army to be recruited from the mass of the peasantry in selected regions and to aspire to a meritocratic, rather than aristocratic, officer corps.
  7. His thin, aristocratic face, fixed in a much-practised expression of confident disdain, crowned his gleaming white celluloid collar like a fresh pie on a paper doily.
  8. But Prince has floated free of grassroots or use value, and ascended to an aristocratic, aerial domain of licence and luxury - where he's instigated a promiscuous chaos of stylistic miscegenation.
  9. In Sybil , the humble heroine turns out to be an heiress and is able to marry her well-meaning aristocratic lover without compromising the class system, and a similar stroke of good fortune resolves the love stories in Shirley and North and South .
  10. Only the last survived a long complicated life as a passion, and led to her single-handed revival of the eighteenth-century art of shell pictures, an obsessive pursuit of Irish aristocratic ladies in the time of Sheridan and Goldsmith.
  11. The enlightened Bazarov had inherited, was continuous with, took a stage further, the liberal and Westernizing impulse of the 1840s which itself followed the Decembrist uprising of 1825, an aristocratic bid for reform by men who had chased Napoleon out of Russia and had later felt the civilizing influence of Paris.
  12. In the reign of Canute, an aristocratic woman called Godiva attending a vigil of prayer to St Etheldreda in Ely, was so kindled in her love towards the Ely monks, because of the "beauty of the place and of their devotion", that she granted three estates to the monastery.
  13. He is against " Greatbritain ", with its aristocratic capitalists, its MI5 and its MI6.

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