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Перевод: arm speek arm

рука ; ручка ; передняя лапа; крыло; сила ; власть ; ветвь ; ответвление; сук ; большая ветвь; рукав ; подлокотник ; рукоятка ; рычаг ; плечо рычага; стержень ; спица ; стрела ; рог якоря; крыло семафора;
вооружать; вооружаться; вооружиться; заряжать; взводить


  1. She wouldn't allow anyone else to do it and, of course, with her broken arm after the fall, she couldn't.
  2. It has no frame, but simply an extendable arm along which a base rest and top grip may be slid and locked into the desired position.
  3. FKI Plc has let the FKI Communications Ltd arm of its Process Control Group go in a management buy-out backed by ECI Ventures for 5.4m, 4m in cash, 1.4m by the issue of 1.4m preference shares in the firm.
  4. Richard stretched out his arm and pulled me down beside him.
  5. Masha entered, holding a rolled-up magazine, followed by Rozanov, a newspaper under his arm.
  6. She let him kiss her, his tongue on hers, and then she eased him on across the field, her arm curved closely round his waist.
  7. He's started giving us logarithms as long as his arm in lessons."
  9. Emma Jones, 19, a Cardiff University philosophy student, and friend Judy Miggins, 20, clutched a photo taken earlier showing Jason with his arm round them.
  10. If you're planning to do a lot of weaving, the weaving arm is a useful extra even if you do have built-in weaving brushes on your machine.
  11. "The ride is just over there," he said waving his arm.
  12. Gypsy women would come into the City very early with large wicker baskets on each arm - laden on Tuesdays with home-made clothes pegs together with bits and pieces, but usually posies on Saturdays.
  13. She shook herself free of his arm.

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