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  1. British Gas has dubbed the project Armada but one group of partners has named their discoveries after Elizabethan heroes Drake, Hawkins and Howard - hardly the favourites of the original invasion fleet.
  2. The most romantic episode in the strange history of the castle had taken place in 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada.
  3. Wherever they go they are escorted by a vast armada of local dignitaries, including the Lord Lieutenant, the Mayor or Mayoress, complete with the chains of office, the Chief Constable of Police and every last member of the town council.
  4. During the reign of Elizabeth I, English seamen such as Drake, Hawkins, Grenville and Raleigh exasperated the Spanish by their expeditions to the Americas, and the Roman Catholic King Philip of Spain also considered Elizabeth I a heretic; so he despatched a great fleet of galleons, in 1588, named "The Armada", to sail up the English Channel and transport a Spanish army of invasion from the Netherlands, but the smaller British ships played havoc with the mighty ships during their journey and stormy weather drove the remnants of the Armada around the British Isles, most of the ships being wrecked at various points, including the Atlantic west coast of Ireland.
  5. Elizabeth's famous Armada speech - "I know that I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart of a king and a king of England too" - and Mary's much-quoted desire to live the life of a soldier, wearing a Glasgow buckler and sleeping under the stars, are testimony to one (it is perhaps worth adding that the context for Elizabeth was fighting Spain, for Mary fighting her half-brother).
  6. "The people has completely lost its nerve and is dreadfully wound up and frightened", ran a report from Upper Bavaria in March 1945, as once again an "enemy air armada" in full flight formation crossed the skies completely unimpeded.
  7. Much has been written about the panic fear of invasion in the Armada year.
  8. For Plymouth: Copthorne Hotel, Armada Centre (0752 224161).
  9. The long dreaded Spanish Armada had arrived.
  10. Armada is about a fifth of the size of the company's biggest asset, the Morecambe field, which has a potential production capacity of 1.8 billion cubic feet a day.
  11. Production from the newly-named Armada complex is due to start in late 1996 with peak output of about 300m cubic feet a day of gas condensate - a mixture of gas and light oil - from the Maggie and Howard field, and two other discoveries, Drake and Hawkins.
  12. The first is that being spread over a period of time which began before the Armada, included the civil war and Commonwealth, and finished only after the accession of William of Orange, they are an unrivalled source of information on the changing status of many local families.
  13. I dreamt that I went down those signless roads to the assembly of Leprechauns by a river of stars, and we embarked in an armada of fairy boats, and sailed till the dawn to an unimaginable sea.

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