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армадилл ; броненосец [зоол.]


  1. The smallest of the species, the pink fairy armadillo, possesses one of the most extraordinary rumps in the animal kingdom.
  2. Armadillo 7
  3. Rolling into a hard, scaly ball is a device employed by a variety of armoured animals, including the pangolin from Africa and Asia (top), the three-banded armadillo from South America, and the giant pill millipede from Madagascar (right).
  4. As part of this came the "Armadillo" for the protection of men employed in defence works at aerodromes. 677 motor vehicles of differing types were variously converted at Wolverton.
  5. Among the first jobs taken on was the "Armadillo" contract - for an improvised armoured vehicle.
  6. He was on the edge of a table, covered with festive fayre: plates of beef and suntanned turkey, roast something scaled like an armadillo and studded with cloves; bowls of nuts, fruit and cream.
  7. They'll throw anything handy at you - a brick, a lamppost , a piano, an armadillo.
  8. The most impressive of all the armadillo species, when responding to attack, is the three-banded.
  9. Between 7700 and 8000 years ago, within three short centuries, the Columbian Mammoth, the Dire Wolf, the Camel, the Horse, the Giant Armadillo and the Western Bison all became extinct in North America.
  10. "Rock The Casbah" had the very first rock video that starred an armadillo (unless ZZ Top got there before them!)
  11. Some species, such as the armadillo lizard (above, left), make predatory attacks even more difficult by biting their tails and holding tight, creating an awkward circle of spikes.
  12. The upper skin of the armadillo's body has evolved into a hard horny covering that is hinged in such a way as to give the animals at least some degree of flexibility.
  13. The Necromundan neophytes became very familiar with the operating altars and biomonitoring and chemical assay machines of the Apothacarion - with the mantis-like laser scalpels, the stasis tureens cradling the precious new organs, the examinator device towering like a brass-banded armadillo, its tapering snout scanning the innards of the body, and with the soporificator instrument resembling some giant spider that stung metacurare into the nerves; to which the drone of surgical incantations from the adepts, whose robes were embroidered with arabesque prophylactic hexes and purity emblems, was a macabre lullaby.

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