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  1. Oppression does not stand on the doorstep with a toothbrush moustache and a swastika armband.
  2. Barnes, who won the last of his eight caps in 1988, makes his first Divisional appearance since that year and coach Keith Richardson has handed him the captain's armband, worn by Bath team-mate Andy Robinson last season.
  3. With no uniform but an armband and all but no weapons, we kept watch in rotation through the warm nights of that early summer, with German planes passing overhead and all of a sudden the ground shuddering from bombs dropped on Southampton or Bristol.
  4. One of the fighters later became a club steward, and dressed in a white coat with a red armband was officially hired to sort out the Rowdies.
  5. He sagged inside his best grey suit, and his black armband looked like a bandage.
  6. A corporal wearing an SP's armband helped her down, and from the distance she sensed the clunk and slap of a double bass and drums that tapped out a rumba beat.
  7. Steve Nicol is also on the casualty list, which is likely to mean that Jan Molby will again pull on the armband.
  8. According to Lord Lane, the Lord Chief Justice: "Oppression doesn't stand on the doorstep with a toothbrush moustache and swastika armband, it creeps in insidiously."
  9. Ray McClean describes his mild surprise on several occasions, when demonstrators accepted the authority of his steward's armband and obeyed his orders.
  10. Lord Lae declared that "oppression does not stand on the doorstep with a toothbrush moustache and a swastika armband"; and millionaire QCs, who think legal aid is something once organised by Bob Geldof, spoke movingly about their willingness to take the next indigent client who wandered into their chambers with a blank cheque.
  11. The black armband strained on one sleeve.
  12. Tod wears the red armband too, along with everybody else.
  13. Dad, Jack and Charlie just wore a black armband each with their Sunday suits, and I was dressed in a white lace dress with a wide black sash of silk ribbon.

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