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Перевод: armed speek armed

вооруженный; укрепленный


  1. My apologies did little to assuage the situation and I was informed that the federal government had ruled against allowing key production personnel to enlist in the armed forces.
  2. Western intelligence estimates range between 20,000 and 35,000 armed men.
  3. After leaving the Solway Firth the Ranger returned to Belfast Lough to attack the nearest British warship, the 273-ton Drake , armed with 20 six-pounder 2.7-kg guns; the Ranger (316 tons) with her 18 nine-pounders 4-kg guns somewhat outclassed her.
  4. In the past, Mrs Aquino has taken a conciliatory stance towards ambitious factions in her armed forces, but, instead of appeasing mutineers, this policy has stoked rebellion in the barracks.
  5. The report argues that the drug crisis should not be allowed to obscure a pattern of gross human rights violations committed by members of the armed forces, often working in collusion with alleged drug traffickers, and paramilitary groups acting on their orders.
  6. The royal bodyguard of King Alfonso III (866-;909) armed with swords, lances and shields, both round and kite-shaped.
  7. By early 1849 Kossuth's popularity in the face of armed intervention by Croat and Austrian armies made him virtual dictator of Hungary.
  8. There were warnings from the capital's Communist Party leader, Mr Miroslav Stepan, that "armed units" of the People's Militia, the party's paramilitary force, were standing by.
  9. A group of armed Covenanters, under the command of Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston, East Lothian, had assembled at Rutherglen, and being opposed to Charles, had travelled all over the district, extinguishing the bonfires and stopping the celebrations.
  10. France created a powerful centralized bureaucracy to override local power and ensure a direct supply of resources to sustain the armies of the Crown; England's monarchy was dependent upon a gentry that supplied the armed forces, administered local justice, sat in Parliament and paid the taxes upon which the royal armies depended.
  11. Two miniature island republics in the western Pacific, Nauru and Kiribati, will arrive armed with a big stick - a proposal to ban immediately the disposal of any radioactive waste in the world's oceans.
  12. Armed with such views, Mosley entered upon a turbulent political career which saw him move from being the Conservative MP for Harrow in 1918 to, after several political adjustments, becoming Labour MP for Smethwick in 1926.
  13. The militias, or "combat groups of the working-class", are armed units set up within factories, agricultural co-operatives, big organisations or institutions.

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