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  1. Over the fell, near where Deepdale meets Dentdale, is a farm called Coventree, which, Miley Taylor told me one night in the Sun Inn, is named after a tree beneath which the hairy crones of Dentdale would hold their covens and throw eye of newt and armpit of toad into the stew while waiting for the Dales equivalent of Macbeth and Banquo to come riding out of the night.
  2. The shameful catalogue of foul play incidents included pulling the armpit hairs of opposing players, raking boot studs down calves, elbowing opponents, and pulling their private parts.
  3. When breast cancer is terminal, it's not due to the primary tumour in the breast, but because the tumour cells have spread through the lymph glands in the armpit to vital organs.
  4. They also disagree about whether the glands in the armpit should be removed, treated with radiotherapy, or left alone.
  5. It should look over the front shoulder and not under the armpit; if you do this, you will find that the rest of the upper body will tend to face forwards in the proper way.
  6. A cool hand gripped him under each armpit.
  7. Then he pinned her against the wall, took up a karate stance and began punching her in the breast and armpit.
  8. Carmichael states that "the plant is secretly secured in the bodices of the women and in the vests of the men, under the left armpit", while Martin Martin gives an account of a man in Berneray, Harris, who wore it in the neck of his coat to prevent him from seeing visions, and "he never saw any since he first carried that plant about with him".
  9. One reason why some surgeons are reluctant to remove the lymph gland in the armpit is that some women develop subsequent swelling of the arm (lymphoedema).
  10. then brush up towards armpit.
  11. Her cotton dress was rent almost from the armpit to the hem and as she leaned forward to bring a saucer of water to the lips of a wounded man, the Collector glimpsed three polished ribs and the shrunken globe of her breast; modesty was one of the many considerations which no longer troubled her.
  12. The act of pulling the rickshaw tugged at the stitches in my armpit, the only reminder that I was a "sick woman" (God, but you're a trooper) , and the show went well.
  13. More marble-sized lumps have sprung up on my neck and in my right armpit and the lump on my thigh is growing fast.

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