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  1. Sunderland were handed an early goal by Brian Deane who headed Gordon Armstrong's inswinging corner high into his own net.
  2. This bears one humbucker and a single coil pickup, both designed for Eggle by Kent Armstrong.
  3. Sunderland: Norman; Kay, Rogan, Bennett, Hardyman (Owers 74), Rush, Mooney, Goodman, Armstrong, Byrne (Davenport 74), Atkinson.
  4. In a way, his approach reminds me of Rob Armstrong's, in that he views the guitar first and foremost as a sound-producer, rather than a beautiful piece of furniture which the maker hopes is going to sound good.
  5. Armstrong spent many years battling over patents (see "The battles of Armstrong - radio's forgotten man", New Scientist , 1 February 1979).
  6. Swraj Paul's Caparo Automotive group raised its cash offer for Armstrong Equipment to 185p yesterday, valuing the fasteners manufacturer at 98million, and promptly increased its holding to 46.7 per cent.
  7. Unlike most other musicians, he did not seem to have been impressed by Louis Armstrong's seminal appearance at the London Palladium in 1932.
  8. This brings me to my point: for as a pinkman columnist I can report seeing recently an article about "the great Blackman Louis Armstrong", a "Wellwomans sic Clinic" at our local health centre; and "Funnyman Roy Hudd".
  9. The Superintendent, the Reverend Andrew Armstrong, conducted the service.
  10. Konitz acknowledges that there is some basis in his history for this view: he and his 1950s musical guru, the pianist Lennie Tristano, in a sense set themselves up as a (white) alternative school to bebop: "Tristano was keen to prove that whites could play jazz, though Charlie Parker, Lester Young and Louis Armstrong were his heroes.
  11. Armstrong continued, "Actually on account of the personalities involved, I think it might be better to take no action about the Palestine Committee but allow it gradually to sink into the limbo of forgotten things " (emphasis added).
  12. He knew Duke Ellington, Errol Garner and Louis Armstrong, and singers such as Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, Nellie Lutcher, Vera Lynn, Bing Crosby and a dozen others.
  13. Between 1960 and 1978, "Food imports rose in a number of countries where agribusiness and local commercial farmers have been most active in modernising the sector (Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico)" (Armstrong and McGee 1985: 77).

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