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Перевод: aroma speek aroma

аромат ; приятный запах; благоухание; особенность ; едва заметный признак; оттенок


  1. Agent Cooper, who is forever dictating into a pocket tape recorder to an unseen associate named Diane, lends the show much of its deadpan humour as when he rhapsodizes about the aroma of the Douglas Fir or the savoury charms of a piece of pie with the glass-eyed earnestness of a Boy Scout on ecstasy.
  2. When he walked in the stable door accompanied by his usual aroma, the foal fastened her ears to the back of her neck and attempted to attack him with feet and teeth!
  3. The stitching is neat, but not too neat - that human touch, again - and there's the smell; the subtle but fragrant aroma of high-grade hide is almost as seductive as the whiff of crisp 50 notes.
  4. The aroma evoked the sights and sounds of childhood - aniseed balls clicking against molars like billiard balls on the green baize cloth.
  5. All his beers have a tempting hop resin aroma, balanced by pale and crystal malts, with a tiny proportion of chocolate malt.
  6. The aroma of lunch wafts from the Elizabethan.
  7. It is run or racked into casks, made either of wood or metal, sometimes with some "priming" sugar and a handful of dry hops: the sugar will encourage a vigorous secondary fermentation in the cask and the hops will add a delightful aroma.
  8. How often a sudden aroma can take us back to an earlier time in our lives and cause us to feel happy or sad depending on the memories aroused.
  9. More often than not, oils chosen this way turn out to be the very ones needed at the time, and as the person's physical and emotional state alters, so might their aroma preference.
  10. The place is full of the aroma of Spot-Knee, the ram lamb who recently copped it after a blissful organic life.
  11. But, once you have the steak, it is the sizzle, the tantalising, mouth-watering aroma, the surrounding cleanliness and the personal credibility of the butcher and the chef that persuades the customer to choose it.
  12. Furthermore, as in the pheromone experiment, either sex may respond favourably to sandalwood's seductive aroma; or conversely, respond with an "ugh!"
  13. The pheromone experiment puts me in mind of the effects of sandalwood essence: people can sometimes have a specific anosmia to its aroma.

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