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Перевод: arouse speek arouse

будить; пробуждать; просыпаться; пробуждаться; возбуждать; вызывать


  1. Other birds of prey may also arouse strong responses if they sit in a conspicuous position during the daylight hours.
  2. "The system will arouse doubt and uncertainty since no-one will be sure whether he or she can qualify."
  3. In order for children to ask questions they need a diversity of materials to arouse their curiosity and a sense of freedom to question and explore their own potential.
  4. Any book about Scottish football inevitably brings the reader into direct contact with the major Glasgow clubs, Rangers and Celtic, and such is the passion they arouse, that a degree of false diplomacy has grown up around the way the clubs and their players are treated.
  5. To do so he would need Gomez's permission, and in asking he might arouse the Latino's suspicions.
  6. It would arouse uncomfortable feelings in many readers.It would get in the way of their appreciation, if any, of the novel.
  7. The gaps are bound to undermine trust and arouse suspicions.
  8. Why does this small inland arouse such interest?
  9. For it is a condition of Dostoevsky's art to arouse our longing for the settled and the normal and the beautiful itself.
  10. This is a good moment to recall the last trickle of white immigration to arouse official panic.
  11. This lack of lubrication may result in a burning sensation after intercourse, and apart from making sure your partner takes care to arouse you sufficiently, the application of K-Y jelly or Sensuelle, obtainable from chemists, may bring relief.
  12. Pulsed controllers arouse considerable controversy in specialised model-railway publications, with sad stories of smoking armatures and demagnetised magnets said to sometimes follow their use as well as complaints of excessive hum from some motors at the drive frequency.
  13. "Martha is seven years old," the old woman announced in an aloof tone, anticipating the vulgar interest this information would arouse.

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