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Перевод: arrange speek arrange

приводить в порядок; располагать; классифицировать; договариваться; уславливаться; сговариваться; урегулировать; договориться; приходить к соглашению; условливаться; уладить; улаживать; подготавливать; принимать меры; устроить; устраивать; подстроить; обделать; переделывать; приспосабливать; аранжировать; выстраивать; монтировать


  1. travel to arrange the funeral, or to go to the funeral (one return journey only)
  2. I have noticed that when older people put out chairs in preparation for a church meeting they will tend to place them in straight rows and arrange them further back from the speaker.
  3. Flemings will arrange financing for the new venture, and Rolls-Royce will have a director on the board.
  4. Until Mr Kempton died in May 1989, the inspector made a number of unsuccessful efforts to arrange to interview Mr Kempton and his wife.
  5. If there is to be a vote, arrange for it to be taken at the next meeting, not immediately after the discussion .
  6. If you wish, we can arrange for your luggage to be sent on ahead to each of the overnight stops.
  7. The Regulations require the governors to arrange procedures for complying with requests for access within 15 school days and for correcting or removing any parts agreed to be inaccurate and to hear appeals.
  8. Try to arrange for your day to start as leisurely as possible; take time over your breakfast.
  9. It may be possible to arrange respite care in the person's own home, or in a residential care or nursing home or hospital.
  10. The men were anxious to arrange Mixed Foursomes "to re-awaken interest" (in what is not specified), and letters were sent to all previous Lady Members offering them a handicap of L.G.U. plus 6, or a straight 36.
  11. Unaware, Randall was saying urgently: "What would you say if I was to arrange things myself?
  12. Chop the red pepper and mushrooms and arrange on the aubergines.
  13. It is a good idea to have a thorough scrub out, though, and if you can arrange to borrow or hire a power washer, the task will be easier.

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