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Перевод: arrangement speek arrangement

приведение в порядок; классификация ; план ; договоренность ; договор ; соглашение; урегулирование; мера ; мероприятие; приготовление; расстановка ; установка ; механизм ; устройство; переделка ; приспособление; расположение; аранжировка ; монтаж [тех.]


  1. As he points out, Libya has repeatedly offered to submit this dispute to international arbitration, to the International Court of Justice, to an international commission of investigation, or to some other type of ad hoc international institutional arrangement for the impartial investigation and adjudication of these allegations.
  2. This co-starring arrangement between men needs the right chemistry, but McQueen doesn't supply for Hoffman what Voight did in Midnight Cowboy .
  4. If you don't, your emotional strength will gradually be sapped, to the point when you will no longer be able to give her the support she requires, and the whole arrangement may collapse around you.
  5. The current arrangement was announced in a letter sent to all MPs in mid-September.
  6. She planned to stay for a couple of days in the Arts Club in Edinburgh, as she belonged to a London club that had a reciprocal arrangement.
  7. Both ideas imply an arrangement transcending the present division between Nato and Warsaw Pact and neutrals, EC and EFTA and Comecon.
  8. But put in matching frames and hung alongside a pair of brackets that cost a tenner the arrangement is pleasing.
  9. "I can't do that thing on Saturday "" he said apologetically to Tim Reagan, who, having sacrificed one of his staff in the arrangement, was mildly suggesting a reciprocal deal.
  10. Although Articles 85 and 86 describe a number of examples of anti-competitive behaviour, these are not exhaustive; any agreement, arrangement or conduct which actually or potentially affects trade in the Community and has an anti-competitive object or effect falls for consideration under Articles 85 and 86.
  11. While the Poles were largely indifferent to the internal problems of the city - which they reasoned were the result of German agitation and would never have arisen if the Versailles politicians had made some more workable arrangement - they were very sensitive to any disturbance in their trade through the Corridor and the Baltic ports.
  12. And, interestingly, this arrangement is reflected in the cerebral cortex being peripheral to the more inward mid-brain, the physical focus of mind and consciousness.
  13. This arrangement lasted only until June 1945, when the three cars allocated to Purley were moved to Telford Avenue depot.

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