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Перевод: arrant speek arrant

настоящий; сущий; отъявленный


  1. For Svend not to keep the appointment he made, solely to pleasure himself with the attractions of Copenhagen, will be regarded as an act of arrant rudeness, and will almost certainly disqualify him from gaining the approval of my brother-in-law's cousin who himself is an ex-patriate Dane."
  2. Arrant melancholia carrying a nail-studded nightstick, the single "Circles" plain haunted.
  3. Did he do that on the basis of arrant hypocrisy or because he is a man of no principle who is now putting his principles in his pocket?
  4. HUGH ANNESLEY, Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, dismissed as "arrant nonsense" yesterday the idea that a conspiratorial group of pro-loyalist politically-motivated officers existed within his force.
  5. The arrant Coxcomb and the stupid Fool:
  6. Her face reflecting her disgust, and horror as she stared at the other woman, Ellie turned to glance at Feargal to see how he might be taking this insulting piece of arrant mischief-making, and was astonished to see that he looked not angry, but almost sad.
  7. Is he so politically inept that he virtually signals to the people of Scotland that the only thing which will stop this arrant nonsense is the next general election, when he and his cronies will be swept out of power and the interests of patients will be put before political dogma?
  8. "It seems my nephew is so besotted with your sister that he's treated his parents with arrant discourtesy, walking away from the opportunity of meeting his father's cousin who is flying in from the States - a man who could be influential in his future career.
  9. Persuading them to adhere to the doctrine of the Church of England, to persevere in that good old way; for having set up for Primitive Christianity, he counted Popery as well as Puritanism arrant novelty.
  10. I kicked myself all the way back to the hotel for being an arrant coward, and next day persuaded my companion to return with me to the scene of our defeat and try again.
  11. "What arrant nonsense!
  12. This group's only sin is their wry self-consciousness which falls smugly short of arrant narcissism; the fey, running commentary implicit in their song-titles ("Rent", "Shopping", "Suburbia", "Opportunities Let's Make Lots of Money") signifies detachment, and finally alienation From the allure, the lush materiality of pop.
  13. I think the one thing, that that really annoys me about the royal family is the way they speak and the fact that the way that they speak is still re re regarded by certain sections of the, population, both in Scotland and in England, as being er, the correct way in which the English language should be pronounced, which is of course, arrant nonsense!

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