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Перевод: arras speek arras

гобелены ; гобелен ; шпалера


  1. But this did little to consolidate control over a country claimed but not subdued and when Duke Philip of Burgundy broke from his alliance with the English to pledge support for Charles VII at Arras in 1435, the days of English rule in France were numbered.
  2. It is involved, as a catalyst, in major projects along the French coast and inland at Arras and Lille.
  3. Most married couples will tangle with some mutual residual problems and leave others firmly alone, retaining some well-defended arras in their personalities and in their partnership.
  4. Von Ludendorff smashed through the Allied lines at Arras in the hope of rolling the British back to the Channel before the fresh American troops arrived and Paris was shelled by "Big Bertha", a huge gun named after Mrs Krupp.
  5. When, infrequently, he wanted to write in "some simple metre", he did so; but when more often he wanted to get away from standard metres, he left them behind altogether, no ghost of them lurking behind his arras.
  6. She was later mated to Arras v Gerbermuhle, to produce the first litter to be recognized by the AKC.
  7. The driver of the truck sent to meet Charles and his baggage at the railhead south of Arras, had told him that Lord Christopher - Charles didn't ask the surname - was waiting for him in the Officers' Mess of 2nd Grenadiers.
  8. Fortunately Eliot declared himself unequivocally, in an essay, "Reflections on Vers Libre :" the ghost of some simple metre should lurk behind the arras in even the "freest" verse; to advance menacingly as we doze, and withdraw as we arouse'.
  9. It requires a fundamental change in the balance between the urban and rural arras.
  10. On April 9th, 1917 Thomas was killed at the Battle of Arras.
  11. It is calculated to prick the envy of a modern pilgrim: Rome, Sutri, Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Borgo San Donnino, Piacenza, Santa Agata, Ivrea, Aosta, the Great St Bernard Pass, Saint-Maurice, Lausanne, Pontarlier, Besanon, Rheims, Laon, Arras, Gunes and the Channel.
  12. She had been forced to admit to herself that Liza had not inherited her own fortitude and patience, which had helped her to nurse her future husband back to relative health in a Kent hospital after he had been wounded in the leg during the battle of Arras in 1918.
  13. The long hall was caparisoned with cloths of Paris, costly arras, and ablaze with torches burning fiercely in their countless sconces along the walls.

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