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Перевод: arrears

задолженность ; отставание; недоимки ; недоимка ; долги


  1. The aim was to help tenants not to get into arrears.
  2. Existing borrowers who have been with the society for five years or more may get a reduction in their interest rate if they have never been in arrears.
  3. She used to live on another estate in Coventry, in a council house there, and was in arrears, like an awful lot of people.
  4. According to the Association of Metropolitan Authorities there was a massive 37.5 per cent increase in rent arrears in the six months immediately following the benefit changes in April 1988.37 Other benefit changes may have contributed to this increase in arrears: the change from supplementary benefit to income support; the insistence that everyone should be required to pay at least 20 per cent of their rates (community charge) and all of their water rates; and the replacement of urgent needs payments by social fund loans.
  5. Maybe they can't pay the the 'leccy bill and they're in rent arrears and you know it's Christmas and the kids want everything they see on the television.
  6. And the south east is now the third worst region for arrears.
  7. An amount equal to the outstanding debit balance on your account less any arrears.
  8. Page 10. 450m rent arrears.
  9. people should not be compelled to pay for fuel in arrears - that is, they should be allowed prepayment meters if they want them; and easy-payment schemes should be boosted.
  10. It has the largest arrears of 10 countries which have been declared "ineligible" for further Fund loans.
  11. I you know, one woman came in in distress again, her husband had left her and gone off leaving rent arrears.
  12. When they got into arrears, all four had to go.
  13. By that time it was difficult to punish the offender, and the Crown frequently abandoned the attempt to exact fines and arrears from ex-wardens.

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