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Перевод: arrive speek arrive

прибывать; приезжать; прилетать; приехать; прикатывать; достигать; приходить к чему-л.; наступать (о времени); добиться успеха; родиться; доезжать


  1. The purchaser (in this case the retailer) can refuse to accept the goods if they arrive later than the agreed delivery date.
  2. Mares on the point of foaling should not be in a paddock where fencing does not reach the ground, as the newborn foal may arrive on the other side of the fence!
  3. Mozart was to send the recitatives to Milan by October, and was instructed to arrive by 1 November to write the remaining music.
  4. Before residents arrive and on arrival, it's important that a care assistant, who may be their key worker, is on hand to help them feel at home.
  5. Elisabeth recalled the times she had seen the midwife arrive at a peasant's cottage.
  6. Continuing along the line of the old ramparts you arrive beside the huge atrium in the Piazza XXIV Maggio.
  7. Arrive and overnight in Soll area.
  8. As a result, it is not easy to arrive it conclusions about the reasons for population trends during the inter-war years.
  9. Indeed, just as Berkeley's immaterialism foreshadows the phenomenalist theory of perception developed by the so-called Logical Empiricists of this century, so his view, according to which the aim of science is not to provide explanations of nature's regularities but only to arrive at concise and useful descriptions of them, foreshadows their instrumentalism.
  10. In the early days of gliding, trestles were not considered essential as an aid to rigging; I remember the very first ASW17 to arrive in the UK being rigged without them.
  11. In truth, most good breeders have already graded the litter time and time again, long before you arrive.
  12. Two ambulancemen, Mr Alan Woods and Mr Rob Lloyd of Putney Ambulance Station, who were among the first to arrive at the scene of the disaster a year ago, watched the morning trains speed by.
  13. Constables know that all radio messages are taped and that the time they take to arrive at calls is recorded, which is often unnecessary, given the competition to beat other stations and colleagues by getting there first, although stories were told to us of instances where people were transferred for failing to respond to a call.

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