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Перевод: arrogant speek arrogant

высокомерный; надменный; заносчивый; самонадеянный; кичливый


  1. Either we become arrogant - "Thank goodness I'm not you!" - or we feel threatened - "Poor me, I am so lonely without you!"
  2. "Don't say anything arrogant or appear too egotistical."
  3. On his face, with its childlike planes and arrogant nostrils and affectingly large eyes, was a distinct absence of the play of simple expressions that usually took place there.
  4. Robert Dodds, managing director of Broadcast Innovations, a sponsorship firm backed by two advertising agencies, told a conference last week: "There is an arrogant belief on the part of broadcasters that advertisers should support their output regardless of where the programme is scheduled.
  5. He felt a tightness in his groin and muttered foul oaths: she was a fine lady with her laces and bows and arrogant looks but, between the sheets, a different matter, soft and pleading, turning and twisting beneath him.
  6. "Nothing I couldn't take," he replied, with the same arrogant grin.
  7. He stood taut, arrogant and oblivious to the seriousness of his situation.
  8. It is selfish and arrogant.
  9. Taking the EG-1 first, the HFS bridge humbucker delivers a warm, fat sound reminiscent of a vintage PAF, and while the guitar doesn't have the image of a rocker the bridge pickup is almost arrogant in the way it handles an amp at full tilt.
  10. Everybody has access to it and politicians ignore it only if they are thick or arrogant.
  11. These trees clustered everywhere in dense clumps, and they were the grandest of all, arrogant and yet familiar, noisy but amiable.
  12. She smiled, arrogant eyebrows clenching, tears sliding into her pillow.
  13. I was dabbling with drugs and doing plenty of drugs and also I'd become very arrogant.

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