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  1. The deserts of the world which comprise this empty quarter demonstrate a sensitivity to human impact but one which is not easily separated from the effects of fluctuations in climate, as studies of arroyo development have clearly shown (Cooke and Reeves, 1976).
  2. The lower part of the centre was backed with red felt to represent the colour of the shako pom-pom of the captured French regiment at Arroyo dos Molinos.
  3. This was encircled by a band inscribed: Arroyo Dos Molinos 1811 after the battle in which the French regiment was captured.
  4. Ten paintings and four drawings by Mir himself, fifty masters of different generations and styles including Picasso, Antoni Clave, Tapies, Eduardo Arroyo, Antonio Saura, Luis Gordillo and Equipo Crnica.
  5. I detest the painters: Antonio Lopez, who sincerely believes that "all a painter can demand is that his work be exhibited with dignity"; Luis Gordillo, who has condemned the blandishing to tourism of the previous presentation of "Guernica"; Eduardo Arroyo, who confuses the vulgarity of Madrid's status as cultural capital with the praiseworthiness of a perverse act; Jos Mara Sicilia who has mistaken "Guernica" for a prostitute, maintaining that "if one accepts a gift one must fulfil the conditions it implies"; and lastly, Antoni Tpies, father of so many aberrations, for whom the transferral of "Guernica" is as if, "finally, contemporary art had a father-figure".

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