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Перевод: arse

тупица [сл.]


  1. "It needn't look like a hovel," he had said, "if you'd get off your big fat arse at times and do a bit of scrubbin'."
  2. The airmail letters which he exchanges with his liberal friends in England tell a worse story of them than they do of him, and hark back in fine style to that golden time when such friends used to kneel in London mosques with Michael X and other celebrities, squinting up at the Heavyweight Champion of the World's effulgent arse.
  3. The Bovril Babe does not deny sexuality, but challenges the relentless parade of tits and arse, which has dominated maintstream fashion in recent years.
  4. The NME was unusually acerbic about the incident, referring to Gedge's "fat arse" and continuing: "This could of course explain the band's recent silence.
  5. And Clint is still in permanent fifth gear, forever chasing the perfectly formed arse of a gross one-liner.
  6. She could feel the soft leather stretched as tight as cat-gut across her protruding arse.
  7. The sting proved a lightning cure for his hangover, for he stood rubbing his arse while I rushed to the farmacia for a remedy.
  8. Rab thought, for Phillis, her huge arse, more a Sunday newspaper.
  9. He got his arse all torn away by that bloody dog."
  10. On me tits, arse, the lot."
  11. My arse - the Queen is dead and her name was Aretha Franklin!
  12. He has told colleagues in the force in South Africa ("There are lots of cops who support me") that he is ready "to lick your arse in Church Square on a Sunday, if I can't solve it in two days" - referring to the notorious unsolved murder of the antiapartheid activist, David Webster.
  13. Your arse in parsley!

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