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Перевод: arterial speek arterial

артериальный; разветвляющийся; магистральный; основной


  1. Animal fats and refined sugar contribute to a weight problem and can be a factor in heart and arterial disease.
  2. The oedematous patients tended, however, to be more hypoxaemic, with higher arterial P co 2 , and to have higher pulmonary arterial pressure, higher alcohol consumption, and higher body mass index, than those without oedema (table).
  3. Gas is diffuses (in most cases) into the bladder through the venous capillaries, while the gases being taken away are diffused into the arterial capillaries.
  4. Packed cell volume was measured in the first arterial or venous blood sample obtained, usually when establishing arterial access.
  5. Although endothelial replication is increased in response to hypertension or hyperlipidaemia (Florentin et al, 1969; Schwartz et al, 1980), this does not necessarily imply that the arterial intima is denuded of endothelium.
  6. The pathognomonic lesion of atherosclerosis is the fibrous plaque which is probably due to proliferation of the smooth muscle cell in the arterial wall following an initial breach in the arterial intima (Ross Glomset, 1976; Ross Marker, 1976).
  7. I am drawn more and more to a resurrected belief in the marginal and its value-in-itself, beyond any consideration of its power to infect pop's arterial thoroughfares.
  8. Several authorities have stated that malignant hypertension (implying the presence of arterial fibrinoid necrosis and usually a diastolic blood pressure 140 mm Hg with retinal changes such as haemorrhages, exudates and papilloedema) is rare in diabetics and that generally the degree of hypertension tends not to be severe (Drury, 1983).
  9. The mean arterial pressure recorded with this device correlated highly with values calculated from mean blood pressure obtained with a mercury sphygmomanometer in the same conditions ( r =0.72; p0.0001).
  10. (For further information see Factsheet no. 10 in this series, "Smoking and Arterial Disease".)
  11. We measured the patients' arterial blood gas tensions, forced expiratory volume, and forced vital capacity.
  12. Arterial partial pressure of oxygen was 10.8 kPa.
  13. Although the prothrombin time remains the best and most readily available measure of liver function in such cases, arterial acidosis (pH 7.30) and renal failure also indicate an adverse prognosis.

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