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  1. If you just born you're free, at the age of five, fifteen percent is attacked, at the age of eight, it's forty percent, and eight of you over forty, congratulations, you're all got arteriosclerosis.
  2. Dieulafoy's disease has been given many names, including "calibre persistent artery of the stomach", "cirsoid aneurysm", "gastric arteriosclerosis", and "peptic ulcer of peculiar location".
  3. Through this rotation the commitment to a tenure principle and the prevention of organizational arteriosclerosis are maintained simultaneously.
  4. They don't appear to be thinking about their chances of dying of aortic aneurysms or arteriosclerosis.
  5. Now what is arteriosclerosis?
  6. Heart disease is raging, as are arteriosclerosis and various lethal cerebrovascular conditions.
  7. In Japan the role that the state takes in developing industry policy with respect to new and declining branches of industry effectively operates to prevent the arteriosclerosis of national capitalism which might otherwise occur.
  8. It looks the English breakfast fixing it up for, that's what and if you, if you want to look at an X-ray, you will see that the arteries of the body, those are the arteries, bring the blood supply is blocked with arteriosclerosis, and there you can see the English breakfast, the yolk of egg, the butter and all these things that are in there, causing a blockage of the artery, not enough to that muscle, and a heart attack, death and all these unbelievable things, that give me a little bit of income.
  9. After Wordsworth's marriage she continued to live in the same house; in 1829 she became seriously ill, suffering from arteriosclerosis.
  10. The wonderful arteriosclerosis, and the wonderful cancer.
  11. Salt in itself is not bad but in excess it stimulates the adrenals, encourages hypertension, arteriosclerosis and the retention of water in fatty tissue (cellulite).
  12. Who will get this arteriosclerosis, as you sit here, let me tell you again.

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