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Перевод: artful speek artful

хитрый; ловкий


  1. He is the point where Bill Sykes meets the Artful Dodger.
  2. The society's charitable project soon got round the underworld, and in January 1773 they had a card hung in Westminster Jail stating that their charity was likely to be imposed upon "by artful and designing villains who cause themselves to be arrested and imprisoned a day before the Society makes a distribution and thus come in for relief designed for the Poor distressed debtors imprisoned for a long time. "
  3. A Texan jury on December 20th convicted Don "Big Daddy" Dixon for using his bank as a personal piggy-bank; the next day prosecutors announced that they had squeezed a guilty plea from Edwin "Fast Eddie" McBirney, who admitted to artful manipulation of deposits at Sunbelt Savings Association, the largest SL ever to fail in Texas.
  4. "But that power, your cool head, the artful way you played him?"
  5. (Psychoanalysis shows that many legends and fairy stories owe their continued appeal to their "artful representation" of common unconscious fantasies related to early stages of psychological development.)
  6. Mr Lafontaine is artful, tenacious and (unlike Mr Kohl) a fine orator.
  7. CHIC: tactful transformation has turned La Manufacture from a vast nineteenth-century industrial building into an artful restaurant.
  8. His deftness with something as prosaic as a cotton bud and bottle of adrenalin might not be everybody's idea of art, but is certainly artful.
  9. Hanson, say its detractors, is no more than an artful asset-stripper.
  10. Characters thus become splintered versions of the dominant voice, examples of what Thomas LeClair has called "artful ventriloquism" (in McCaffery 1986: 121).
  11. This is an artful way of congratulating Charles, while at the same time unveiling changes in Business's presentation.
  12. The artful honesty of this novel's conclusion - with Eupolis impelled towards a moment of self-knowledge which he is not quite permitted to understand - certainly makes the book stand out.
  13. And so the process went on; back into the Dickensian world of the Artful Dodger and then the violence of the eighteenth-century "mob".

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