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Перевод: articulation speek articulation

членораздельное произношение; артикуляция ; сочленение; соединение; сустав ; шарнир


  1. At each age level, those items which discriminated between the normal and speechdelayed subjects were regarded as being valid measures of articulation.
  2. I am not suggesting that one should even form an interpretative overview, merely that details of notation, phrasing and articulation, tempo, dynamics and so on are considered alongside balance, texture, and even acoustical implications.
  3. As the large informal sector becomes more entrenched in Third World economies, the articulation between sectors becomes stronger, with resulting poverty for many, but opportunities for a few.
  4. The Edinburgh Articulation Test (EAT)
  5. It is not difficult to relate such an idea both to Eliot's general preoccupation with articulation in his poetry, and in particular to The Waste Land where Eliot includes Lanman's explanatory gloss, "da - da - da = damyata datta dayadhuam ", in his text.
  6. It may be of use to compare the regional groupings of brooch types with those areas which are revealed as high consumers of imported luxury goods; whilst such a correlation tells us nothing about the mode of production of the brooches, it does provide some articulation to the distribution maps.
  7. You have already noticed that some people speak more clearly than others, but this chapter is not about good articulation.
  8. The act of producing the video helps to impart courage, self-confidence and a sense of interdependence to the group and encourage them to focus on a clear articulation of their situation.
  9. The EAT provides a more extensive assessment of consonants and consonant blends than does the Goldman-Fristoe test, but the latter is more systematic in that, for each consonant included in the test, articulation is examined with respect to three word positions and with respect to production within sentences.
  10. Since different tests are designed to assess different aspects of linguistic ability, they will be considered under four categories: tests of articulation or phonological ability; tests of vocabulary; tests of grammatical ability, including morpho-syntactical rules; and, finally, tests of more general aspects of psycholinguistic ability.
  11. Thus, while I admire the marvellous precision of ensemble and articulation in both finales, Marriner tends to underplay the music's irresistible sense of humour.
  12. Nevertheless the Finale is given high definition characterisation, through scrupulously worked articulation, and a fine rhythmic sense.
  13. The place and mode of articulation difficulties - for example, are errors predominantly concerned with nasal sounds ("thing")?, plosives ("peach") or fricatives ("these")?

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