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Перевод: artifact speek artifact

артефакт ; остатки материальной культуры древнего человечества; предмет материальной культуры


  1. The artifact, thus, functions merely as an external signifier for which in the collective consciousness there is a corresponding signification
  2. The wooden sailing ship was par excellence the artifact which made the expansion of Western civilization possible and thus, more than any other device, was responsible for our present condition.
  3. There's a game called Ghouls "N" Ghosts on US Gold's Kixx label - is this the artifact you seek?
  4. A new literacy and cheap newsprint spawned the monster newspapers which were the first cultural artifact of mass society.
  5. Originally I tried to label each unwanted artifact and thought and send them off again through stage left.
  6. William IV died shortly afterwards and it has been written that, a search being instituted, it was found that that bluff and breezy monarch had been using this unique ancient artifact as a shaving mug!
  7. They are powerful if unreliable weapons, and each one is a valuable artifact, encrusted with baroque decoration and intricate designs.
  8. Most fell in line with the view that The Smiths would one day produce the perfect artifact and that "Meat Is Murder" was most definitely a step in the right direction.
  9. Backed with "Handsome Devil", it proved the perfect artifact to display the succinct yet overall perception of just what this strange new band was all about.
  10. A CENTENARIAN'S recollection of a long past event makes it immediate and gives a human perspective not matched by any written account, or artifact.
  12. (often labelled "aesthetic object") given by what is common to subjective states of mind aroused in individuals of any particular community by the artifact.
  13. The last lines quoted, which are also the last lines of the Canto, reveal this clearly for those who know The Cantos : the paradoxical coupling of the fluid (the waves) with the fixed (the crystal) is what Pound regularly sees as the essence of the authentic artifact.

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