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Перевод: artificer speek artificer

ремесленник ; механик ; изобретатель ; слесарь ; техник


  1. Even now a Master Artificer was engraving a wall-tablet to be mounted in the Teuton Chapel.
  2. Clearly not all determinations of the artificer could reasonably be regarded as doorways and even more clearly should he step outside the "frame" and install a window no one could reasonably regard that as a determination of the architect's concept.
  3. Since these dimensions cannot be read off intellectually from the concept of doorway, the artificer, by decision, determines the general and abstract instruction in its particular and concrete application.
  4. Finnis illustrates the notion of a determination by the example of an architect's instructions to an artificer to put a "doorway" in a wall of a building.
  5. This divine artificer was, in effect, the principle of reason, which by imposing order on chaos reduced it to the rule of law.
  6. In Plato's cosmology the universe was fashioned by a divine artificer imposing form and order on primeval matter, which was originally in a state of chaos.
  7. He's assisted by the Artificer Sergeant Major - the ASM.
  8. If only the first Artificer, rather than a modern architect, had pointed out that Less is More.
  9. "Surrounded by the melancholy gloom of night, how different the views of the artist and lover to those of the "lean unwashed artificer" who at the very moment greedily swallowing sedition is all agog to hurl destruction on his rulers, who in their turns are as anxiously providing means to prevent its execution."
  10. The Artificer commonly goes clad like the Yeoman: the Yeoman like the Gentleman: the Gentleman as the Nobleman: the Nobleman as the Prince: which bringeth great confusion, and utterly overturneth the order which God hath set in the states and conditions of men.
  11. Five minutes later the Platoon Commander and the Weapons Artificer are studying the bits of broken and twisted metal.
  12. After his discharge William Nicholl was employed on Corfu, first by the Ionian Government and later the Board of Ordnance in the Royal Engineers Department, until 1844, as an artificer in the trade of Wheelwright.
  13. But in fact there are two, for, as Hobbes says, "we are the matter and the artificer " of the state.

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