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Перевод: artificiality speek artificiality

искусственность ; что-либо искусственное; деланность


  1. The country's musical artificiality and stagnant stupidity drably undermines the development of its youth.
  2. We can continue to expose the artificiality of masculinity and femininity.
  3. In this story we see reasons why a great man might marry early or late, and some of the artificiality surrounding royal marriages.
  4. Eduard Trier chose to illustrate this figure in Form and Space , in which he limits himself to two observations: it is a product of refined artificiality (in comparison with the elemental force of Marino Marini's sculpture), and the girl (in comparison with a figure by Marcello Mascherini) is "more reserved, displays a leisurely elegance in her arrested dance step".
  5. His transactions with his fellows began to lose their artificiality and it was generally admitted that the Prince was losing his rough edges.
  6. If you feel very inhibited by the artificiality of the situation you will give a very inaccurate impression of the sort of person you really are, perhaps even overcompensating for nerves by being too gregarious and obvious and making it clear that you are not good at handling yourself in a social situation.
  7. Thus, in course of time, the artificiality of feudal organization was more and more broken down by the use of money, until in twelfth-century England, feudal service was commonly replaced by the payment of a tax, scutage, "shield-money".
  8. When Greenaway puts his formalism on a back-burner, and calls upon his actors to produce raw feeling - as with Helen Mirren's speech on the deathbed of her lover - there is nothing but empty pathos, artificiality in its weak form.
  9. The defence of formalism is always that it serves to control an excess of feeling, but here in the absence of formalism there is nothing but empty pathos, artificiality in its weak form.
  10. None the less, they are worth considering, because they help us to understand both the origin and the artificiality of feudalism.
  11. If one rejects this authenticity condition, then one has to find ways of presenting comprehension tasks so that the learner's interest is engaged in spite of the artificiality, so that they are induced into co-operating with the contrivance.
  12. I dislike using them in conversation, for they can add a measure of artificiality to what should otherwise be casual.
  13. Artificiality was everywhere.

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