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Перевод: artist speek artist

художник ; артист ; эстрадный артист; мастер своего дела


  1. Conversely, managers (quite reasonably) insist that it would be equally unjust if their rights to commission on projects which they have initiated were to cease the moment they parted company from the artist.
  2. One puzzling decision for a critic to make is to decide whether to isolate any one artist as the leading figure of the group.
  3. As an aspiring recording artist, I can only hope you will enjoy your music and live the lifestyle, while you remember that the music business is a career, just like any other.
  4. Moreover, when we consider the courses that Pound was led into by his conviction of the civic responsibility of the man of letters - his money pamphlets of the 1930s, his desperate visit home in 1938 to keep the USA out of war with Italy, particularly his wartime broadcasts over Rome radio - we have some right to conclude either that the artist has no civic responsibility at all, or else that that responsibility can safely be discharged only in his art and nowhere else.
  5. Just to make certain she believed the man was having an affair with his wife, he assured her that, despite his penchant for painting boys, the artist wasn't gay.
  6. As a result, solicitors argue that managers should not take commission on what the artist is being paid each night, but on the money the band earns as profit after having paid for the PA, lights, accommodation and other expenses.
  7. A manager's persistent failure to pay over money to the artist would constitute such a breach, as would constant failure to make him or herself available to the artist, or the wilful neglect of the artist's career.
  8. In 1959 Dore Ashton was dismissed by the New York Times , the charges being that her articles were not aimed at a wide newspaper audience, and her articles on work by artist friends gave evidence of bias (her husband, whose work she was forbidden to review, was a painter and print-maker called Adja Yunkers).
  9. If the band were signed to the publishing company which is part of the Bugle group, I could ring them to try and force the publisher to invest even more money in the artist.
  10. His legacy as an artist is contained in a single novel, Homeboy, the tale of a charming, drug-addicted, dope-dealing, pimping, strip-show barker who finds salvation, gets the girl (the whore with the heart of gold), and rides his motorcycle into the sunset and, presumably, a happy ending.
  11. There are certain safety clauses music solicitors put into management agreements to give the artist an escape from the contract.
  12. My golden piece of advice is not to have the manager handling the artist's money.
  13. Although the agent represents the artist, he or she also must represent the promoters' interests.

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