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Перевод: artistic speek artistic

артистический; художественный


  1. Here was Dennis Potter, by critical consent the best pure television writer we have, directing his first ever film: as near as dammit, total artistic control under conditions of time and budget that were extraordinarily generous; the film-maker's dream.
  2. Before we leave this topic, with some doubtless well-received witticisms about the American ateliers that are called Schools of Creative Writing, let us ask ourselves how an artistic tradition is transmitted from generation to generation in England, if it is not transmitted in the way that Pound took for granted.
  3. The members of the first group were more poetic, philosophical, mystical, and artistic.
  4. It is not just artistic ephemera which suffer from metal fatigue in the heat of ubiquitous exposure.
  5. It fast became a glorious gathering place for the artistic intelligentsia of the day, who helped to enhance Biddesden further.
  6. Wherever this national approach is taken it is the national library associations that are usually involved; for example, in the USA the American Library Association through its Public Information Office generates a large quantity of various types of materials, produced in massive numbers and of a high professional (artistic etc) calibre.
  7. It is one of the most prestigious of Northern Ireland's theatres and is a focus of artistic activity in the North-West of the province, serving both the University and the wider community.
  8. Their whole emphasis was against conventionalism - in every form, not least the sexual, the religious and the artistic.
  9. The Festival also plays a role in the artistic renaissance of Birmingham, a profile confirmed by the continuing success of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, under its Artistic Director, Simon Rattle, the recent move of both the Birmingham Royal Ballet (formerly Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet) and the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company to Birmingham, the newly launched "Towards The Millennium" annual arts Festival and the Arts Council of Great Britain's invitation to Birmingham to launch Arts 2000, as the UK City of Music in 1992.
  10. It was Cubitt who noted that "artistic knowledge and cultured tastes are not now confined to what are sometimes called the upper classes" and the German historian, Muthesius, saw that "within Nonconformity, each individual layman's romanticism has begun to show itself - as seen in the architectural achievements of the Congregationalists".
  11. It's hunger that drives so many ballet students there, not an innate artistic urge.
  12. Even if we were ultimately victorious at a public inquiry, the church would have suffered so grievously during the Waiting period that a large part of its artistic quality and integrity would have been lost.
  13. Thus it was possible for engineers to place their microphone to give a ratio of direct and reflected sound from the walls of the studio in order to achieve a pleasing artistic reproduction.

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