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Перевод: artistry speek artistry

артистизм ; артистичность ; художественность исполнения; профессия художника; занятие искусством; художественность


  1. And if a work as trite, foolish and offensive to women as Now, Voyager should, after 40 years, remain as watchable today as on its initial release, when equally feeble plays and novels from the same period have vanished into a limbo of neglect from which they can never be retrieved, it is a tribute less to the very questionable "artistry" of its writer and director than to the enduring fascination of its leading actress.
  2. There was plenty of that in James's clever footwork and deceptive body swerve, Jack's artistry, Hapgood's neat, precise tackling and Hulme's fast running.
  3. His sacred music, songs and string sonatas have been recorded and testify to the breadth of his artistry.
  4. Even more patchy is Deutsche Grammophon's "Mozart's Masterpieces," another set of reissues where the unwary consumer may find himself with the superb piano artistry of Maurizio Pollini for one concerto, but the rather less impressive playing of Friedrich Gulda for another.
  5. The most difficult feat of her artistry completed, she started to stroke her lashes with a mascara wand.
  6. In past centuries these led to considerable artistry in the devising of labyrinths and mazes.
  7. This wedding cake is decorated with a cascade of handmade sugar flowers by Vivien Grimes of Sweet Artistry, for an appointment phone (0689 837501).
  8. But this portrait was different from either; the wonder was that the artist who could produce this disciplined splurge of colour, this technical artistry and imagination, had been content to churn out meretricious souvenirs for the tourist trade.
  9. Talk of "best versions" and such like becomes almost distasteful in the face of such artistry.
  10. John Ruskin, it might be said, was the last considerable figure before Pound to hold in all seriousness, as Pound did, that the level of craftsmanship and artistry in a society was the one infallible measure of that society's moral and civic health.
  11. But Aulnay, just over 10 miles north-east of St Jean, is probably the best, its unassuming architecture a perfect frame for the sheer artistry of the carvings round its doors and windows.
  12. One cannot help but reflect on how much all of this emerging artistry stems back to the exhibitions of Tom Van Sant's work in the USA and UK during 1976.
  13. But the refuges of a mindless artistry which represents what is human as opposed to the social mechanism are being relentlessly hunted down by a schematic reason which compels everything to prove its significance and effect.

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