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Перевод: artless speek artless

простой; безыскусственный; простодушный; бесхитростный; неумелый; неискусный


  1. To include the whole table of Beaufort's wind scale, as if it were some artless literary masterpiece, is irritating and a trifle precious.
  2. The Japanese produce bland, artless copies of European products, totally without character: they have never given us a car like a Citroen.
  3. Like so many of his partners in the glamorous underground of Scottish football, he was perpetually at loggerheads with the Scottish Football Association, and saw the administrators of the game as artless bureaucrats obsessed with rules and regulation.
  4. In sentimental, artless pictures and prose, it told the story of a little, unwanted kitten, Peppermint, too thin and unlovely to be sold.
  5. In '60s Scotland, local hard men like Jimmy Boyle didn't have a look in, the role of working-class hero was inevitably played by footballers, and in particular a group of young men who dressed in a continental style and made The Kray Twins look like artless thugs.
  6. Forty three minutes of crass, artless thumping of a ball, just shaded by Wimbledon by virtue of Young's header being cleared off the line by Keen, preceded the first flare-up.
  7. The buccaneer impulse revealed in these artless words accounts for the vigorous campaigns against other villains in other castles, though the immediate object is almost always the traditional one of help for a distressed damsel.
  8. But can it be possible, or even desirable, to recreate such an environment, artless and uncontrolled, in the garden?
  9. Unique and naive in style, these "artless" illustrations remain an important element of the stories and part of the total experience.
  10. They had all slept heavily, the sleep if not of the just, of the innocent and artless.
  11. Lest it be thought that the matriarchs are supreme in this artless craft of rendering service into an offensive act, it has to be said that the Glasgow cabbie is in a class of his own.
  12. As suggested, the CD3 is a simple, almost artless player, rather heavier than it looks, but simply built, with a bent metal box fronted by a smart alloy front panel extrusion and a drawer whose rather stately progress in and out of the player was bettered by an earlier sample I examined.
  13. 'TIS not his Comment on the artless Lines,

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