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Перевод: artlessness

безыскусность ; простота


  1. Finding Clarissa's brand of artlessness difficult to penetrate, he had another try at Charity.
  2. Dombey and Son, Ch 16 The artlessness of the child's mind is reflected partly in the repetitions watching it and watching everything and deepen, deepen, deepen in the use of common words, especially those with monosyllabic stems: he thought how the long streets were dotted with lamps, and now he thought how black it was and in the way the cohesion of the passage rests on the subject pronoun he and the conjunction and.
  3. His artlessness was boyish and so were his acuteness and his transparent but somewhat belated good sense.
  4. So far as artlessness and simplicity is concerned, Livia Rev's recording is very special, while Barenboim scores by bringing lightness and freshness to the music which is often quite bracing.
  5. The artlessness of babyhood is still there.

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