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  1. The giant Canary Wharf office centre, its largest tower reaching 860 feet, went through without a public inquiry, amazingly with no comment from the Royal Fine Arts Commission or the media as a whole.
  2. There must have been several dozen possible suggestions for an essay from that paper - political, industrial, military (the Korean war was still ongoing), in sport or arts, etc. etc.
  3. So one may take it that everyone receives at least a smattering; and more flexible A-level and university courses make it possible for people to combine more advanced science with arts subjects in a way that was virtually impossible in my day.
  4. The Arts: The palazzo on the Strand is up for grabs Once the tax gatherers have been cast out, Kenneth Powell envisages a brilliant future for Somerset House
  5. Following Big Telly's sell out tour with John Godber's comedy "Teachers" last year, Flowerfield Arts Centre is delighted to have its resident theatre company open its Annual Arts Festival with another riotous comedy.
  6. Before leaving Brooklyn for London, she did some off-Broadway productions, went to the High School Of Performing Arts and was disappointed when she missed getting a part in Fame because she was too young.
  7. Beside the Diamond is a smaller hall known as the Octagon, an excellent venue for chamber music, which also contains a purpose-built exhibition area for the visual arts.
  8. The company was formed by Robert Southam, who also acts and directs for the company and in 1979 launched the European Summer School of Arts and Languages at Oxford, which takes place at the University and offers courses in theatre, music, dance, painting, film-making and English and French literature to young people from all over Europe, including Oxfordshire.
  9. To forget the existence of pure science and mathematics and pure research in these disciplines is to misunderstand the nature of knowledge itself, and would be just as much a corruption of the idea of education and learning as would neglect of philosophy and other arts subjects.
  10. Large sums of money were being spent on the expansion of arts degree courses whose students would make little contribution to Britain's economic welfare.
  11. His many enthusiasms extended to owning a couple of elderly Rolls-Royces, attempting to restart a School of Architecture at the RA, submitting with success his own drawings to the Summer Exhibition and vigorously supporting home-town local causes, including the Malvern Arts Club.
  12. Ironically, the proliferation of outlets for arts coverage - more quality newspapers, expanded review sections, late night television programmes, local radio chat shows - has brought not a wider, more varied selection of material but an ever more imitative and uniform one.
  13. C ONGRATULATIONS to Andreas Whittam-Smith, Editor of the Independent who has been named Arts Journalist of the Year in the BP Arts Journalism awards for his newspaper's coverage of the Pop Art Show at the Royal Academy.

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