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произведение искусства


  1. Show some ability to use any available presentational devices that are appropriate to the task, eg handwriting, typewriting, computer printout, artwork, computer graphics, desk-top publishing , so that their finished work is presented clearly and attractively.
  2. When producing printed circuit boards (p.c.b.s) with the more advanced ultra-violet processing system, it is necessary to expose a sensitised board to a UV light source through the artwork positive.
  3. Next Month: The construction of a simple Artwork Light-Box will round off this short series.
  4. Rather than lay an etch-resist pattern directly onto the copper foil of a board, it is much more convenient to prepare artwork on a polyester film where the opaque transfers and crepe papers decals can be altered at will.
  5. Utilising existing artwork - such as that given in a project - simply involves tracing the copper track layout onto a film, using the methods described last month.
  6. Looking at the artwork for the UV Exposure Timer , it will be seen that all mains parts are at one end of the board, with 240V connections via screw terminals for safety.
  7. When eventually the artwork has been drafted, you will finish up with a "see-through" view of the copper track pattern, as seen through the board from the component side.
  8. The designer, Martin Storey, of Artwork, the man credited with the discovery of Trowark's manuscripts, may be spinning a good yarn about their origins, but the jumpers are genuinely a fine mix of fable and cable.
  9. Part Three: Originating your own artwork
  10. You can, incidentally, also add rub-down lettering such as the name of the board in the layout, on this side of the artwork and it will appear (the right way round!) on the copper foil layout of your board.
  11. Simon Murison-Bowie has asked me to write to you to let you know the current situation regarding the Wonderworld artwork.
  12. Starting to prepare the master artwork using Alfac rub-down transfers.
  13. The artwork is excellent and the story is quite gripping.

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