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Перевод: arty speek arty

претендующий на тонкий вкус; с претензией на художественность;


  1. "Wrap up a sausage and send it to him for proof," Arty called as the door swung to behind him.
  2. As soon as it was bright enough, he took out notepaper and wrote two letters - one to Arty and one to Lily.
  3. He threw his dressing gown casually on the chair and - with never a glance at Arty - jumped between the sheets, picked up the newspaper from the floor beside the bed, opened it out and peered over the top, his ears tuned to the conversation.
  4. "It's like a time bomb you carry round with you," Arty said, "and the alarm mightn't go off for twenty-five years."
  5. Arty pointed his finger to hi s open mouth.
  6. "Piss is supposed to be good for warts," Arty said.
  7. Arty said.
  8. "Well, Arty.
  9. "That's what I'm trying to tell you," Arty said, with a touch of desperation in his voice.
  10. Arty's melancholy had deepened.
  11. Arty flung it across to him.
  12. The more arty and airy-fairy his pupils, the bluffer and beerier and louder he became.
  13. "We all moved back into the drawing-room for coffee," said Henry, "and I performed my arty trick with the cream and the back of a spoon."

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