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Перевод: arum speek arum

арум [бот.] ; аронник [бот.]


  1. After Seoul, many of the sport's biggest promoters, including Bob Arum and Don King, vied for his signature.
  2. Spathiphyllum wallisii , the peace lily, is a most elegant houseplant, with glossy green lance-shaped leaves and fragrant arum lily-like flowers of the purest white, turning to cream then to the palest green with age.
  3. US Treasury officials have warned the promoter, Bob Arum, that he risks breaking the law by selling the fight to a Panamanian TV station.
  4. Re-pot arum lilies intended to flower in the winter.
  5. The paths would be made from bricks left over from the building of the house; the little hedges, not more than twelve inches in height, would be box, and spaces large enough to accommodate blooms would be devoted to arum lilies; the others to gravel.
  6. Its symbols coalesced (with abstinence from all that she desired) around the images of the Virgin, the angel and the arum lily.
  7. Now he is just flattered by the label - "the British Marvin Hagler" - which Bob Arum, the American promoter investing that 2 million, has tagged on him; previously he would have been angry that he himself had not invented it.
  8. Nigel Benn's next opponent, part of the Londoner's lucrative five-fight deal with the American promoter Bob Arum, will be the highest ranked middleweight he has yet met.
  9. The Arum plan is for him to fight Iran Barkley in London in April, but that is dependent upon his dealing competently with Olajade and Barkley defeating Doug de Witt in Atlantic City the night Benn's contest takes place there.
  10. Indeed Bob Arum, the promoter, who put it all down to a conflict of styles, recently dismissed his ranked middleweight Michael Nunn for such a negative performance.
  11. Arum maculatum

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