a aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am an ao ap aq ar as at au av aw ax ay az

Перевод: axe speek axe

топор ; колун ; секира ; казнь ; сокращение ассигнований; сокращение бюджета;
работать топором; урезывать; сокращать; выгонять; просить; попросить; запросить; осведомляться; спрашивать; требовать; приглашать; хотеть видеть


  1. Down goes the axe.
  2. Let make an axe for the nones,
  3. Pentagon could axe electronic warfare system.
  4. Retiring NCS chairman Sir Martin Wood said that it had "no axe to grind about the past - nobody knew how promising high temperature superconductivity would become.
  5. We know, from representations of Egyptian axes on wall paintings, that initially the same type of axe was used as both tool and weapon.
  6. As for running lines, the axe fell principally on two categories of "freight only" railway: through lines where an adequate diversionary route existed; and branch lines which carried only small quantities of wagonload traffic.
  7. I've barely had time to wipe the blood off my axe after my last battle and it's already time to hack my way through the next trail!
  8. The name Mad Axe is about as inappropriate as anyone could imagine.
  9. "We took the axe to the cold rock face of socialism and we hewed out the secret for which generations had searched in vain - private wealth and public welfare growing together."
  10. Measurements taken from such a drawing allow a computer to compare axe shapes, and so also draw smooth and accurate reconstructions.
  11. The sapling trees had grown tall in the twenty-five years since the Beeching axe had fallen on the single railway track, and, even leafless as they were, they effectively screened the view from the top.
  12. Standing in front, was a knee-high block with a large sharp axe lying across it.
  13. By the wings of Draconius, when I've sharpened my axe you'll suffer the same fate as Whiplash!

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