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  1. Our knowledge of the identification and distribution of stone axes in Britain has been gained from a very long-running co-operative research effort involving archaeologists and petrologists: over the last fifty years more than 7500 axes have been examined petrologically.
  2. The axes of an ellipse are at right angles.
  3. 6.5 The distribution of flint axes from the source of mines in southern Britain.
  4. Under these conditions, the scattered flux is minimal along the crystallographic axes.
  5. We therefore know that there was long-distance transport of stone axes in prehistoric Britain, which may have begun with carriage of axes from the axe factory to a secondary distribution centre, from where they were traded out into the surrounding area.
  6. A typical study of ancient Egyptian tools and weapons, particularly axes, shows that four copper-based metals or alloys were used from the early third millennium BC to the middle of the first millennium BC: "pure" copper; arsenical copper (an alloy of copper with up to h per cent of arsenic); tin bronze or leaded tin bronze; and iron.
  7. For objects which need some thickness of metal, like ingots or axes, casting is the obvious method, while others, like fine wire or thin sheet metal, need extensive working.
  8. In other words, it's the spherical centre of the axes or intersecting lines that the track control arms move along on the inward and outward strokes of the springs.
  9. Convention has it that the source of parallel rays of light is behind the observer's left shoulder at 45 to the x , y and z axes.
  10. Some Egyptian axes can be dated by association with datable material in excavation contexts and occasionally by an inscription.
  11. How are these axes specified in development?
  12. It exhibits the dimensions shown: the axes have the ratio 5:4; the eccentricity is 3:5; OD + PD = m + n = 5.
  13. From the seventeenth century onwards antiquarians recognised that the polished stone axes found at numerous sites in Britain were made of stone that was not available locally.

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