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Перевод: axial speek axial

осевой; по направлению оси


  1. In industrial society, a goods-based economy, the "axial structure" is "economizing - a way of allocating resources according to the principles of least cost, substitutability, optimization, maximization, and the like" for economic growth (1973, p. 12).
  2. The street in which Joyce found their flat led north from the long wooded undulations of the main axial road that runs to the west from the centre of Berlin.
  3. Those with moons (which is most of them) orbit in a sun-like mode, with identical axial momentum.
  4. Owing to axial symmetry the magnetic field must be constant at a radius R, hence the application of Ampre's law yields , or .
  5. The values for axial tension, bending and torsion are usually provided in graphical form (for example in the ESDU Data Sheet No 69021) by the use of the non-dimensional parameters D1 /D2 and R/D.
  6. Paris-based Axial Consulting Group's PS'Soft division has added three new modules to its Qualiparc Multi Platforms system management software which can be used in conjunction with a variety of Unix and non-Unix databases, running under Motif, Windows or Presentation Manager.
  7. Provided that the sound travel time h/c (c is the sound speed in the object) is short compared with the time for the impactor to fall through a scale height, stresses parallel to the axis should roughly be in hydrostatic equilibrium, with the axial stress at any point within the object being that required to decelerate the trailing mass.
  8. In terms of regional structural controls most of the auriferous deposits in the project area are spatially related to first-order faults and shear zones within the belt and along its margins; to major anticlinal fold axial traces and limb shears; or to the fracture envelopes around the major granitoid intrusions Follow-up geochemical field testing of soils for arsenic over selected targets outside the known gold mining districts was 60-;70% successful in demonstrating that certain predicted structural settings would be mineralised.
  9. The wine-red to brownish-pink leaves with a prominent midrib grow oppositely in pairs on a rigid, yellowish-brown stem covered with fine hairs, and full of axial buds.
  10. He argues that societies are organized around what he refers to as certain "axial structures".
  11. This is illustrated in Figure 5.11 which represents the model of a simple pulley block and shows the problems of detecting interference between the axial pin and slide plate with and without the HERMS approach.
  12. In the period of transition that historians call the Axial Age (800-;200 BCE), the great confessional faiths developed which have continued to be a crucial influence in the consciousness of the people of each region: in China Lao Tsu developed Taoism, in India, Hinduism and Buddhism reformed the primitive pagan vision and made it a means of analysing the self; in the Middle East the monotheistic faiths analysed history and the Greek rationalists of Athens analysed the cosmos to find an ultimate meaning and significance in the apparently random flux of life.
  13. They are less than 1 m in diameter and have a flat or twisted ribbon-like shape, through which the axial filaments run a straight course (Neville, Thomas and Zelazny, 1969; Neville and Luke, 19694).

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